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Career and Brand Management Documents for Job Seekers

Our Work Together Will Be an Investment in Your Career

  • Federal Resumes, GS-5 through GS-15 and Wage Grade
  • Federal Senior Executive Service (SES) Package Development:
  • SES Resumes
  • Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)
  • Technical Qualifications (TQs)
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability Statements (KSAs)
  • Support for Federal Applications via USAJOBS
  • Private-Sector, Non-Profit, and Academic Resumes and CVs
  • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • Cover Letters
  • Thank You Letters
  • Professional Bios
  • Federal and Private-Sector Job Interview Preparation
  • Career Coaching & Job Searching
  • Proposal Writing
About Lex Levin

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Who I serve:

  • Federal GS-5 through G-15
  • Senior Executive Service (SES)
  • Federal Wage Grade
  • State and Local Governments
  • Recent Graduates
  • Private Sector
  • Active Duty and Veterans of every rank from Corporals, Sergeants, and Petty Officers to Colonels, Captains, and General/Flag Officers seeking Civilian or Federal employment
  • Non-Profit Sector
  • Academia
  • Career Changers 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+

“I wanted to let you know I started a new job last week …I head up a growing sales and business unit that handles large, large highly curated orders and operations for our partners. This draws on my publishing, business operations, sales and marketing, and management experience.

What you did for my resume was key in helping me present my accomplishments and expertise, and I am very grateful.

Again, many, many thanks!”

“Lex is not just a resume writer; he is a career accelerator! His deep knowledge of federal and private sector HR policies, and unique ability to match talent with targeted positions makes any job seeker incredibly lucky to know him. I highly recommend Lex if you want to maximize your job search and resume effectiveness. His work will amaze you!”

“I worked with Lex on an application for a senior Federal position, and I could not have been more pleased or impressed with his work. From the first contact, Lex was incredibly responsive, professional, and communicative. I understood exactly what services he was providing, and he worked with me around my schedule to meet face-to-face and help put together an excellent package. The work Lex produced is among some of the best I’ve seen, and I know it will be useful long past this initial need. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
“Lex prepared two federal resumes for me. These resumes written by him landed me into two federal positions. For both positions, the hiring officials told me that the resumes were strong and upon completion of the interviews, were an accurate representation of my knowledge, skill, and ability to perform the positions. It is important to remember that you must invest in a resume the same way you would buying a house, a car, etc. Lex is highly capable of making sure your investment in a resume is sound and it is worth the money. Thanks Lex!”
“I have had the great fortune to work with Lex on several occasions since 2012. As a result of his deep knowledge of the Federal hiring process, my new and improved resume has placed me high on the list of several Federal hiring officials and I quickly landed a dream job at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. As I work my way up the government service career ladder, I will reach out to Lex again for his superlative assistance in moving my career forward. I highly recommend his Federal resume writing service to family, friends and colleagues.”
“I searched for a month looking and interviewing resume writers, then I found my match with Lex. Immediately, I was impressed with Lex’s background knowledge, his attention-to-detail, and his responsiveness. After work with Lex, I learned that he is very analytical and an outstanding resume writer. Lex understands how to translate skill sets into a revised wording that really grabs hiring manager’s attention. Lex provided me with a great resume product that I am truly proud of, which displays my hard work and accomplishments. Working with Lex has truly increased my chances of landing that next great job. Immediately, after I sending my resume out, I started to get phone calls and interviews. Thanks, Lex!”
“I am blown away by the presentation of my resume. I have never seen anything that well written for a resume.”
“Thanks once again for the outstanding service delivered and for building my personal branding! I will definitely spread the word how it has been an overwhelming experience to work with you.”
“I wanted to give some feedback on my experience working with Lex.
Lex was incredibly prompt in reaching out to me.
Lex was prepared in our discussions – he clearly read all the documents I submitted and was very familiar with my work history.
Lex was skilled at “nudging the story out of me”- I can’t say enough about this. Lex would ask a few simple questions, and he would pull stories from me that I forgot about years ago! – then he wove those stories brilliantly into each ECQ.
Lex required just a few brief telephone calls – this was unbelievable. I have kids and a full-time job and did not have hours of time to be interviewed- Lex knew what he needed to know during each call or email – AMAZING!!!
I am thrilled with the final product.”

“I highly recommend Lex Levin. Lex was able to help me articulate 10 years of work experience at one company into succinct and powerful content. This seemed like a very daunting task and yet Lex made it easy for me. I enjoyed his professionalism and attention to detail so much that I asked him to refresh my resume later. Both times, he listened carefully to understand me, my goals and my situation. The end result was an executive resume that highlighted both my personal brand along with my work competencies.”

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